MYTH transfers all intellectual property rights of the patterns downloaded by the Customer.

Even if there are similarities between the patterns uploaded by the Customer or requested by the Customer, MYTH creates custom patterns for the user. MYTH commits that even in similar operations, the similarity rate is technically 31.52 (PSNR – Ref.1). 

MYTH ensures that the similarity rates of the patterns in its library are kept within a maximum of 59.49% (SAM – Ref.2). It proves that there is no similarity between the patterns by mapping the similarities using the Spectral Angle Mapper (SAM) method. 

MYTH provides a certificate of ownership with every pattern downloaded by the Customer, confirming that all rights and ownership of the downloaded pattern are transferred to the Customer. 

MYTH AI is an artificial intelligence-based program that facilitates pattern creation. It allows users to create new patterns by uploading similar images to the desired pattern or describing the pattern they want to create. Unlike programs like Photoshop or Adobe, MYTH AI does not retrieve similar patterns from a database but creates them instantly using artificial intelligence technology. 

It’s important to discuss the input and output story. There’s a risk of recalling something previously seen and inadvertently creating something reminiscent of it in Adobe programs. 

All patterns produced by MYTH are unique. Technically, the patterns are 0.0061035% different from each other. This uniqueness arises from each point in the computer-generated randomly, leading to the probability of the next latent space resembling any previous or subsequent points. 

MYTH is a closed-source application, tailoring specific datasets for a purpose. It learns organically from each production or liked/downloaded designs. It doesn’t generate a similar pattern to the downloaded design and provides an Ownership Certificate for the downloaded design. 

No. MYTH or third parties cannot see the uploaded design. MYTH only saves the downloaded designs among the generated designs. It saves the downloaded designs to create ownership certificates and never reproduce them. 

The AI designs come in TIFF (pixel-based), SVG (vector-based), JPEG, and PNG formats. No special tech or converter technology is needed by factories to receive AI designs. 

No extra server or storage space is needed. MYTH operates on Amazon Web Services, known as the world’s most secure server. An internet connection is all that’s required. 

Regarding speed and server space, there’s no impact. However, increasing speed on AWS is possible at an additional cost. MYTH aims to eliminate waste in the design chain, reducing the carbon footprint of printing and pattern design processes by 65%. 

Inputting data into AI involves running category-specific designs through prompts or uploading images. It takes about 3-4 minutes per design. 

Designers can control AI design through prompts for effects, categories, colors, and every detail. 

MYTH specializes in producing printing patterns but does not create initial cuts or patterns for clothing. It can convert designs into software for ready-to-wear clothing. Adjustments can be made to specific parts of the clothing using software like Browzwear/Clo3d. 

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